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Window cleaning

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

One of the hardest chores is cleaning windows, whether that be in your home or business. Here is an easy way to clean them with only four household items:
-Microfiber Cloths
1. You take a damp microfiber cloth, and wash the entire window. It will have wet streaks once finished with the cloth.
2. Then take a newspaper, crinkle it up into a ball, and rub the windows. This will soak up the leftover water, and make your windows shine.

SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event.

If you have a lot of windows and cannot reach them all, call the professionals at 513-422-9200. The professional’s can come clean them all for you.

Hints to avoid disaster

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Here are 10 helpful hints to help avoid damage to your home or place of business…

  1. Do not leave electronics on the floor. This includes, IPads, computers, DVD players, etc.
  2. Leave a 3 to 4 inch gap between the back of the washing machine and the wall to avoid kinking the hose near the valve connection. Replace your washing machine hose every 5 years.
  3. Pay attention to your water bill. A significant increase could indicate a leak.
  4. Make sure each resident in your home or place of business knows where the main shut-off is located.
  5. Have a professional roof inspection annually.
  6. Inspect your plumbing pipes on an annual basis for condensation or obvious leaks or corrosion.
  7. After flushing the toilet, remain in the area until the fill valve has finished refilling.
  8. Make sure your downspouts are directed 5 to 10 feet away from your house. Clean all build up of debris from downspouts monthly.
  9. Chemical drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes. Use a drain snake first. This is suggested every 3-4 months depending on the size of your household.
  10. Flush your hot water heater every 6 months to remove sediment. You can call in a licensed plumber to assist.

Clean homes/Rodents

7/5/2018 (Permalink)


The word is out that it is a sellers’ market here in Butler County and many investors and home owners are looking to capitalize on the money making opportunities that are becoming available. If you have a home you’d like to sell then now is the time to learn about what SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro can do for you.

It is not uncommon for a house to sit vacant for months before it is sold and in this case there may be un-detected leaks as well as insect and rodent problems that can occur. The services we specialize in can help your clients pass home inspections and generally get their homes in top show condition. Whether the problem is a water stain on a hardwood floor, a mildew smell in the closet or even if the home was lived in by a heavy smoker we can come determine the scope of mitigation services that are necessary. We also offer residential cleaning services such as full detailed micro cleanings, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and even drape and curtain cleaning, ANY type of cleaning. Call our office at 513-422-9200

The Fourth of July

7/4/2018 (Permalink)

The 4th of July is here, which means FIREWORKS! Please keep these tip in mind when you're popping Fireworks!

Firework Safety Tips

  • Follow the directions on all fireworks and don't use them for anything other than what they're intended for.
  • Don't attempt to alter or combine fireworks products.
  • Never use homemade fireworks.
  • Report illegal explosives to the nearest fire or police department.
  • When lighting fireworks, always have water handy. A hose is best, but a bucket will suffice.
  • Spectators should remain a safe distance from the fireworks being lit.
  • Whoever lights the fireworks must be sober, wear safety glasses, and keep clothing well away from the flame when lighting.
  • Only light fireworks outdoors on a smooth, flat surface, away from all flammable materials including dry leaves and paper.
  • Never try to relight fireworks that appear to be duds. Wait up to 20 minutes for a possible delayed ignition. Then if nothing happens, soak the firework in a bucket of water and dispose of it.
  • Dispose of all firework materials by first soaking them in water before putting them in the trash.
  • Keep sparklers away from clothing and other flammable materials.

Fire Hazards

7/4/2018 (Permalink)

Below are the most common Fire Hazards in your home.

  • Alcohol and Fire

It's a fact that many house fires are caused by someone attempting to cook or smoke while under the influence of alcohol. 

  • Candles

Candle fires happen in places like bedrooms and bathrooms where people use them as mood enhancers. Unfortunately, people can fall asleep with a candle still burning or leave the room without snuffing out the flame. Candles should NEVER be left burning unattended!

  • Cooking

Many items in the kitchen can catch fire easily including pot holders, dish towels, and product packaging. Keep curtains away from the stove and clean up all spills on the stove top or near by counters.

  • Electrical 

Unsafe use of electricity can be a  ticking time bomb! An electrical fire can happen at any time. Follow-up when a fuse or circuit breaker blows. Don't just reset the breaker or replace the fuse. Find out what caused the problem.

  • Cigarettes

Too many fires are caused from careless disposal of smoking materials.

Any question or concerns call SERVPRO of Middletown/Springboro at 513-422-9200

Eliminate mold problems

6/27/2018 (Permalink)

No one wants mold damage anywhere in their home, but the laundry room is a common and frustrating area where it makes itself known. You try to remove the mold yourself without success and finally ask, "what company near me holds the key to complete mold remediation?" The answer is SERVPRO, your local mold management and remediation experts. 
It is not surprising that mold damage plagues your Middletown Springboro laundry room. Plenty of organic material and a wide range of microbial accelerants lie in your laundry room. The area is isolated, in an out of the way corner of your home. The long term leaks on the back of your washer itself is a treasure trove of nooks and crannies that hide mold growth. You sniff the musty odor every time you open the door to the laundry room.  
Dealing with persistent mold is not a do it yourself job. All your efforts fail because mold is a tricky problem that requires remediation experts from SERVPRO to conquer. Mold can hide behind cabinet areas in places you may not be able to visibly see. Hoses and other plumbing connections may be examined for leaks and evidence of mold growth. 
The washer and dryer themselves are possibly a source of mold contamination. Our Mold Professionals may require a Mold Test by a 3rd party for air quality and spore count, unless mold is visible then no mold test is needed. If Hoses and seals are the problems, a referral to an appliance repair specialist makes sense. Proper Containment and Mold Remediation can move your laundry room back to fresh-smelling instead of odor-creating. 
If you have concerns and detect odors or see suspect microbial growth, call our friendly staff at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro 513-422-9200 to set up a consultation.

Flood damage

6/27/2018 (Permalink)

Flood Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, flood damage can be very destructive, and if you do not take care of it right away, the extra water in your home can cause electrical hazards and expensive damage to your home. It can also lead to the growth of hazardous mold. Therefore, when the worst happens, you need to call our experts at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro so that we can come in with our professionals and equipment to dry out your home as quickly as possible.

When your home floods it can be one of the most destructive forms of damage you can experience.

We also understand that it is a very stressful time. That is why our team of caring, trained and professional Water Damage Technicians is here when you need us at any time. We will lead you through the process, step by step, and do all that is needed efficiently and quickly, so we can get your home and life back to normal as soon as possible.  When the unexpected happens, we at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro can be to your home quickly to get your home cleaned up. With our rapid response, your walls, floors, and personal property will have a much better chance of being restored to its original state.

Sources from outside or inside the structure can cause water intrusions to your home. Excessive rain can over saturate the ground, which results in hydrostatic pressure. This happens when the moisture outside your home or foundational wall is greater than the pressure inside. Since water naturally seeks out lower pressure, this can result in foundational leaks, and even cracking. We use professional equipment at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro to efficiently and quickly remove the water before it begins to cause damage to your structure and other, secondary water problems. We will also bring in dehumidifiers which work to get rid of any moisture and start moving the air to assist in drying out your home. Once the water and moisture are entirely removed, we clean, sanitize and treat with an antimicrobial agent to ensure that you don’t experience any mold growth. We work with you each step of the way and can also work with your insurance company so that your claim gets processed as fast as possible.

When you experience any flood damage, contact us right away at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro so that we can quickly come out and restore your property. We have the skilled technicians on hand at all hours to assist you when you call us at 513-422-9200.

Fast responses are important to your water damage

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Benefits of Immediate response

Takes less time and effort to achieve “dry”
The drying project is less complicated when drying occurs before microbes can multiply
Lowers the cost of drying
The longer an item is exposed,
the greater the chance of
additional damage.
The more you restore, the less
that has to be replaced.
Immediate Response Lessens Damage
Furniture stains
Rust stains
Warping floors

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - 513-422-9200
We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

Floating carpet

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Floating carpet Floating carpet

At SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro we like to showcase some of the many process we use to restore items rather than replace them. The key to helping both the client and the Insurance Company are providing great service and keeping cost low. One of the ways we reduce cost is to restore rather than replace.

In this picture we see a section of carpet being 'floated', floating is when an air mover is used to push air underneath a carpet to aid in drying it after a water damage. This is not an option in every scenario, but if the water is category 1, and does not contain any potential health concerns then we can dry it in place. This saves the carpet from having to be replaced which can be very costly. Call us at anytime for we are emergency services 513-422-9200

Rely on the expertise of SERVPRO

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Rely on the expertise of SERVPRO Call SERVPRO for the remediation process

When flooding is a part of the history of the area that you live in, you should consider it as a part of your duties as a property owner to plan for these types of situations. Obtaining the proper insurance and budgeting for some of the preventive measures that exist to assist you with preparation for a flood is only the beginning. However, it is far better than merely reacting to a crisis. It is our goal to inform you more about what to do when a water damage emergency hits and help you with getting back to normal, with the least amount of disturbance to your everyday lives.

We have expertly trained technicians who have experience in dealing with flood damage restoration near your home. It is possible that the person who arrives to help you with your situation is someone that you already know within the community that you live, a neighbor, a friend or even a family member.

SERVPRO Franchises are locally owned and operated by people just like you. Our technicians go through rigorous training to learn the proper steps to assist with your recovery as promptly and professionally as possible. However, we can also help you prepare to combat the possibility before it ever occurs, limit the damage caused by flooding and even save more of your belongings in the process.

Our expertly trained technicians at SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro offer you services that are unique to your situation and help you understand what you can expect; even during the worst possible conditions. We will be there to assist you through the entire process, from beginning to end and even provide you with any assistance you need filling out the proper paperwork to deal with your insurance company.

The restoration process at SERVPRO starts with your initial phone call. We will perform an inspection on your property and thoroughly explain what is needed to get you back on your feet. Then we will quickly and efficiently cover the steps of the action plan that we have described to remove any excess water and completely dry everything within the affected area. We can uncover those hard to locate moisture pockets that require specialized equipment to find. All of your household items get handled as if they were our own, and each restorable item is taken care of and returned to a quality pre-damage condition "Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO of Middletown Springboro staff is waiting to assist you. Make the call today - (513) 422-9200